Teen Counseling

Rather than “label” your teen, I help them discover alternative ways of thinking about and responding to their challenges.

Heal Your Child’s Pain

Parenting Support

It is vital that parents make an effort to understand their adolescent’s behavior, rather than merely reacting to it.

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Multi-Cultural Families

It’s not uncommon for parents born in another culture to find their teenager’s behavior confusing — even disturbing.

Reconnect With Your Teen

Raising Happy & Healthy Teens

With residents from 140 different cultures, Los Angeles has become one of the most dynamic cities to raise a teenager!
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Empowering Shy Teens

Social Skills Assessment & Coaching

There is a growing trend of teens struggling with social skills, fueled by the over-reliance on electronic devices to socially connect.

I work with adolescents to identify areas where they can improve their social skills, and teach them how to experience greater self-confidence and ease in social settings.

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Effectively Parenting Teenagers

What is Conscious Parenting?

The parent-child connection is often at the heart of a teen’s willingness to cooperate and adhere to limits set by their parents.

Helping your adolescent successfully navigate the teen years includes learning how to set boundaries and enforce consequences without rupturing your relationship.

Create a better future for your family

Is Your Teen Struggling?

Teen Counseling & Therapy

The teen years are a time of the lowest levels of serotonin in the human brain during life, leaving adolescents more susceptible to feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

It is immensely important for teenagers to have a neutral person they can turn to for support.

I help teens approach life’s challenges—both inherent in adolescence and specific to their circumstances—with confidence and success.

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What Would Your Teen Life Coach Say?

There isn’t a teenager in America who couldn’t benefit from a visit to a therapist’s office to help them negotiate the trauma and drama of the teen years. Opening my Teen Girl Survival Guide is akin to stepping into my office and settling in for an open, frank discussion about topics that trouble today’s teen girls.

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